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Welcome to The Lois Bronz Childrens Center

About Us


The Center

Comprehensive in its approach, and innovative in its methods, our Center was founded in 1966 to address the growing needs for childcare in Westchester County.

The Center has since evolved into a multifaceted program offering a myriad of early childhood educational programs and services to families and children that reside or work in the County.

Our Center is a well-equipped facility which enables us to care for approximately 200 children annually.


Our Mission Statement

The Lois Bronz Children's Center (LBCC) is committed to creating a safe and nurturing educational center in which families, teachers and staff are in partnership. We provide an environment that enables each child to grow physically, intellectually, emotionally, culturally and socially. We value each and every child and strive to ensure that they reach their maximum potential.

The Center's Administrative Staff and Board of Directors


Administrative Staff

  • Dr. Marcia Lawrence, Executive Director
  • Julie Kolawole, Director of Education
  • Janice Powell, Special Education Director
  • Tanya Patterson, Controller
  • Maureen Marxmeyer, Bookkeeper
  • Mariana Penaloza, Family Services Worker
  • Elva Saco, Stepping Stones Program Assistant
  • June Moore, Nurse
  • Christine Little, Social Worker

Board of Directors

  • Kleckner Charles, Board Chair
  • Jennifer Lewis, Vice Chair
  • Amy Thomas, Treasurer
  • Allison Christmas, Secretary
  • Alberthe Bernier
  • Stanley Boucher
  • Miriam Keller-Perkins 
  • LaRue Gibson Jr.
  • Lyndonna Libert
  • Dr. Elizabeth Slaughter


A Message from the executive director


It is my privilege to serve as Executive Director of the Lois Bronz Children's Center.  This organization has a rich history of serving the Westchester County community since 1966 .   My career in Early Childhood education for over 25 years allow me the opportunity embrace the accomplishments and programs that has helped develop hundreds of children that this center has helped flourish in their education and beyond. My goal is to continue to carry out the mission of the center as outlined by the Board of Directors by working closely with the administration, teachers, parents while ensuring that the center is the place to bring your children for a safe, nurturing environment. 

At the Lois Bronz Children’s Center, we fulfill our mission of child care by incorporating methods through creative curriculum, social emotional and Brigance screenings.  The focus of the center is to enrich the quality of programs and services that we offer.  Our Education philosophy is based on the Genius Child Vision where we build self-esteem by recognizing and nurturing each child’s development.  For Early Childhood, our focus is to ensure each child will demonstrate competency in reading, writing, science, technology and mathematics before they get to Kindergarten. We provide continuous learning and development for the Elementary students. We have diverse learning exposures for each child through the most comprehensive program available.

Our Teaching staff plans and implements daily activities to ensure each child benefits from the program. We measure the effectiveness of their growth through Creative Curriculum checkpoints, Social Emotional Curriculum, and Brigance Screenings. 

I am delighted for the opportunity to serve in this position, and to collaborate effectively with the parents, staff and teachers.

Dr. Marcia Lawrence
Executive Director


Additional Information

Sources of Funding

  • Federal Head Start (Administered through the Westchester Community Opportunity Program)
  • Federal Baby Step Forward (Administered through the Westchester Community Opportunity Program)
  • Westchester County Department of Social Services
  • NY State Department of Education
  • Universal Pre-K Grant (Administered through Greenburgh Central 7 Public Schools)
  • Private Grants


  • Child Care Council of Westchester
  • United Way
  • Head Start
  • Business Council of Westchester


  • Unted Way of Westchester and Putnam
  • Music Conservatory of Westchester
  • Westchester Children's Museum
  • Bruce Museum

The Center - A Historical Perspecitve

Serving Our Community For Over 50 Years

The need for organized childcare in Greenburgh, NY was clearly demonstrated when the

1960 census indicated that 55 percent of the women living in the Fairview community were

employed, and were forced to make whatever arrangements they could for their young

children. In one instance, June Castleberry, a resident in the community and a member of

Union Baptist Church was providing child care services for seventeen children ranging from

infants to nine-year olds in her home. They would become the first children to be enrolled

when Union Child Day Care Center (UCDCC) opened its doors in 1966. Reverend Charles H.

Churn, then Pastor of the Union Baptist Church on Manhattan Avenue, and an early

advocate for day care, offered the basement of his church as a site for the day care program

and Ms. Castleberry became the first staff member.

All of this was made possible by an active community committee led by Mrs. Marion

Goodman, former Chairperson of the Office of Economic Opportunity Task Force on Day

Care, in cooperation with Phyllis Shearer, former Director of the Westchester Community

Opportunity Program, and with the support of “seeding funds” from a private family


In its second year of operation, UCDCC became part of the Westchester Community

Opportunity Program, and received Federal Head Start funds to meet a major part of its

costs. In 1968, Union was incorporated under regulations of the New York State

Department of Social Welfare. Since day care centers serving infants could not be licensed,

Temporary Incorporation was granted while UCDCC participated in a pilot program

to determine the effects of group day care for infants. The positive results enabled UCDCC to

become the first center licensed for infant care in New York State.

By 1969, the Union Child Day Care Center had outgrown its church quarters. The available

space was inadequate to house the growing numbers of children needing care. This began a

discussion of plans for a new facility. The center was able to secure a loan under the New

York State Youth Facility Act to build a new center. In 1972 we welcomed the first child into

our new home, at our current location.

For many years the center struggled to pay back it's loan, so the Board of Directors, led by

Barbara Holland and the Executive Director, Rita Hulkower were approached by the

Greenburgh Town Supervisor, Anthony Veteran and Lois Bronz, then a member of the Town

Board to negotiate with the state of New York to have the Town purchase our building for

one dollar. This agreement (finalized in 1987), states that UCDCC can operate a child care

center in this building for 99 years.

In the year 2000, the Board of Directors developed a comprehensive Strategic Plan for

emphasizing our educational focus, strengthening the curriculum, expanding parenting

support services, and bolstering the Center’s administrative infrastructure and fundraising

efforts. The plan also included a name change, and in 2006, UCDCC was renamed in honor of

County Legislator, Lois Bronz. 

From its inception, the center attracted and was enormously

enriched by the efforts and dedication of a great many volunteers. We chose Lois Bronz for

her many years on the Board of UCDCC; for founding and chairing the Phone-a-thon, our

major fund raiser for 25 years; and for always being a strong advocate for all children. Over

the years, despite the development of her political career and stature in the community, she

has never forgotten our center which proudly bares the name The Lois Bronz Children's